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When Punctuality Pays Off

For many the slowest day of the year is a day when we can't eat. So why is it called a FAST DAY?

We all know that on Erev Pesach the first-born boys fast. However, if there is a siyum then the Bechor can join and does not have to fast. Here is what happened: Baruch Brechyahu Becher who is a Bechor goes to shul on Erev Pesach to daven Shachris. Lo and behold - there is no siyum [the Rabbi already went away for Pesach with his family and nobody else thought about it.] But Baruch loves his Bagels [the last ones before Pesach!!] for breakfast. So he makes a bee-line to the neighboring shul and as he walks in everyone has just started eating!! The siyum [when he finishes the Masechta and mentions the Pappa Family] has JUST ended. Baruch is a minute late. Can he join?

Rav Shlomo Zalman and Rav Moishe Shternbuch say [and so implies the Mishna Brura] - NO WAY. In order to eat he must hear the actual siyum. He can't just come for the eats. The Steipler says WAY. He can eat.

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