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It's Only A Niggun

My Father-In-Law z"l enjoyed the following story: A family was singing L'shana Haba'a BÝerushalayim at the conclusion of the Seder. The wife looked sorrowfully at her husband and said "But I don't want to be in Yerushalayim next year!! I love our beautiful house [4 floors] three cars, swimming pool etc. etc."

The husband answered "Don't worry darling, it's only a niggun. It's only a niggun."

I am so excited. I am having my seder in Yerushalayim. I was invited by my son's grandmother's husband's daughter-in-law's daughter's father's spouse. In other words - my wife. What luck. Great invite. But how am I going to say in the Hagada "Hashata Hacha, L'shana Habaá B'arah D'Yisrael." This year we are here [outside of Israel] next year we will be in Eretz Yisrael. But THIS YEAR many of us are in Israel?

The answer obviously is [and this is discussed by the Holy Tzaddik Rav Chatzkel Levenstein] that geographically we might be in Israel - but spiritually Israel is NOT YET what it is supposed to be. Hopefully, we pray at the seder, next year will be different!!

it goes to show the sad state of our times in which we are so accustomed to life without the mikdash that we forget why we pray for it thrice daily and mention it in every mussaf, bentching/bracha achrona, and wedding to boot! yes, we are PRAYING for it, not just singing catchy tunes. and as many schools, shuls, mikvahs, gemachs, and other community centers we may have, wherever we may live, we are just not complete as a nation or a religion without the beis hamikdash! p.s. i don't know why i got assigned this silly blogger name, how can i change it???

I'm by no means an expert at all, but maybe this could help. when you sign on there should be an "edit" option click it and in the column marked "screen name" or "sign on name" or something to that effect it should say "morah" so just delete it and type what you want your blogger name to be and then scroll down to the end of the screen and click save.

Thanks Hillel!! Your computer expertise is coming in haandy.

Well, Morah can mean teacher [if you are female] and you taught us something.

Morah is also fear. There is a mitzva to fear the Mikdash. So either way it works.

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