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When It Costs You

There is a beautiful story about R' Shlomo Carlebach. One time he was in the Catskills in a restaurant. He ordered a drink which cost a quarter and gave the waitress 3 Dollars and told her to keep the change. A person who was with R' Shlomo said "That is quite a hefty tip for a 25 cent drink!!" R' Shlomo smiled and said "You don't understand, I am giving a large tip to make up for all those other Yiddelach who don't tip at all". [The story is in the book "Holy Brother". I hope I got all the details right.]

Rashi says at the beginning of this weeks Parsha that when it comes to mitzvos that involve "chisaron kis" - monetary loss, people need extra encouragement to do those mitzvos. And he is talking about the kohanim in the Beis HaMikdash!! A fortiori [fancy word for kal vachomer - certainly] us!! People are generally VERY attached to their money.

The Gemara gives Iyov [in English they call him Job. Why don't they call him by his job. Like "Lawyer" or "Doctor". Why the ambiguity?] a mammoth compliment. Iyov vatran bimamono haya" - Iyov was very easygoing when it came to his money. He was the sort of guy who tipped generously, gave his workers nice bonuses , didn't haggle over the last quarter when buying his lulav and esrog etc.. A lovely characteristic!!!

How does one do this? There was once a fellow who wanted to change his name to "Lee". Why? Because the pasuk says "Lee hakesef v'lee hazahav nioom Hashem" - "Gold and silver are mine ["Lee"] says Hashem. He wanted the pasuk to be understood that Lee has all the gold and silver!!

We just have to remember that our money is not ours. We are given Hashem's money to spend on good things. And it is much easier to spend someone elses money!

Good Shabbos Beloved Friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yours Truly

Elchanan ben Henna Miriam

P.S. Please daven for Chaim ben Chaya, Aharon Shlomo ben Devorah and Pessa bas Chana Leah

This is an American epidemic. Since getting back, I have listened to endless ramblings about new apartments, gadgets and cars, appalled that grown people have nothing better to talk about. Someone even rudely commented that my desire to live in Israel was cruel and selfish- if I raise children in Israel, they will never be able to enjoy the fine things I had growing up in America. Who could be so cruel as to purposely give their children a life WORSE than what they had? Does not everyone want only that their children should have it better? I calmly responded that I want my children to have it easier and better SPIRITUALLY, at which point they rolled their eyes and gave me a look that said "Those 2 years in Israel really messed you up..."
p.s. still can't change the name...maybe my better half can help with that...

Morah G.

You are kodesh kodashim!

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