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Can't Buy Such Clothing At Sym's

I am so happy!!!

Before the holiday started I thought that ALL of the Jewish people would be spending Pesach in Florida. But since I live at the entrance to the Jewish Quarter of the Old City I am lucky enough to have seen MILLIONS of my brothers and sisters passing by my building today [the first day of Chol Hamoed]. Yidden are coming to Jerusalem!!!!!

I cannot help but be reminded of a lovely idea of Rav Kook that can send chills up one's spine. In Lecha Dodi we say "התנערי מעפר קומי לבשי בגדי תפארתך עמי"
"Shake [talking to female - i.e. Yerushalayim] off you dust, arise, clothe yourself [female form - again talking to Yerushalayim] with your garmants of glory, my nation." Rav Kook noted that it should say "livash" [male form] because the one who is clothing himself is the nation - male form. So Rav Kook explains that it is not the nation that is clothing itself with it's garments of glory but rather Yerushalayim [and that is the reason it says "livshi" in the feminine]. And what are the garments of glory of Yerushalayim - my nation!!

My wife added that this explains why Yerushalayim is called naked when the Jews are exiled [See Eicha 1/8].

So we put on our beautiful Yom Tov clothing and so does Yerushalayim - US!!

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