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Gentiles Doing Biyur Chametz?! What's The Point!!

The Magen Avraham [446/1] says that if one finds Chametz on Yom Tov it is permitted to ask a Gentile take it and throw it into the river. Even though it is a problem to tell the Gentile to touch the Chametz as it is Muktzeh, nevertheless it is permitted in this instance because it is a mitzvah to discard the Chametz. [Shvus D'shvus {Amirah Lákum u'muktzeh} muttar B'Makom Mitzvah]

Rebbe Akiva Eiger challenges the Magen Avraham. We have a rule that there is no rule of agency regarding Gentiles ["ain shlichus Lákum"]. That means that one doesn't fulfill a mitzvah if they allow the Gentile to discard the chametz. So in a word, what does the Magen Avraham mean? There is NO mitzvah involved when one asks a Gentile to discard the Chametz.

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