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The Children Of Israel

A child says to his mother "Is it true that the Children of Israel were enslaved in Egypt?". "Yes". "And then Hashem miraculously split the sea for the Children of Israel?". "Yes". "And then Hashem gave the Torah to the Children of Israel." "Yes".
"And then Hashem brought the Children of Israel into the Land of Israel?". "Indeed".
"So Mommy, what were the adults doing when all this was going on with the Children?"

Seder night is for the Children of Israel. Today childrens minds are so contaminated by TV, Internet, Newspapers etc. etc. it is CRUCIAL to fill their minds with Faith in G-d, positive values, and a sense of history. So when you are sitting at the seder find a kid and talk to him. Skip the fancy gematrias and tell him or her about the basics!!!! Hashem took us out of Egypt to keep mitzvos [as Rashi says on the pasuk "baavoor zeh"]. You have an important task. You are an EVED Hashem. But it is a fun avdus. To be an eved means that we don't have a life outside of our service of G-d. That means that everything we do has a higher purpose etc. etc. etc.

Chag SAMEACH V'kasher To All Of My Good Friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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