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An old Jewish man falls off a ladder while putting in a light bulb. He is flat on the ground unable to rise. A medic comes and puts a pillow under his head. The medic asks him if he is comfortable. He answers "I make a living." [If you didn't get the joke you are probably under 30].

Idols are called "sadness". "Atzabayhem kesef v'zahav". "Their sadness is gold and silver". Today many people worship money. They are convinced that it will make them happy. Wrong. It will make them more comfortable - but not happy. Happiness comes from a sense that one's life has purpose and meaning. From deep emotional bonds that one develops with other people, namely - love. From a feeling of fulfillment in whatever one is doing in one's life. And the greatest of all - a connection with the source of all love and happiness - "Rachmana" - G-d Himself!

Fantastic joke.

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