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Belief #2

In light of what we wrote in "Belief #1" we understand that if someone has a question that is bothering them they should realize the limits of their intellect and knowledge. So for instance if one has questions about certain "contradictions" between science and Torah they should remember that their own knowledge of science is [probably] deficient, scientists themselves admit that there are many mysteries which they have yet to uncover, and our proper understanding of the Torah is [unquestionably] deficient. In order to say that "A" contradicts "B" we must fully understand "A" and fully understand "B".

That doesn't mean that we shouldn't try to strech the limits of our intellect to understand as much as we can. But it DOES mean that a question on Torah is not chas v'shalom a refutation of the Torah. I believe that to think otherwise is intellectually dishonest.

To quote one of my very wise rebbis: "never, ever say that 'it' doesn't make sense; 'it' makes perfect sense,'it' is not lacking- your understanding is lacking"

Morah G.

Thank you for the input! Come home soon!! Yerushalayim isn't the same without you!

Hence the advent of צריך עיון.

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