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Making Your Sefirah Count - Twice

A boy was out on a date with a girl. During the date she asked him if he is a decisive person. He replied "Wellllllll, yes and no. I guess."

We all know that people living outside of Israel keep 2 days of Yom Tov because of "sfeika d'yoma" a doubt as to what day it actually is because they did not know when the court in Yerushalayim sanctified the new month. [Today we continue to keep 2 days in order to maintain the custom of our ancestors].

The question is, why don't we count [outside of Israel] 2 days every night for sfiras haomer? We are not sure when the 16th of the month [which marks the beginning of the counting] fell out. So each night we should count both possibilities as we do with Yom Tov.

You say a bracha on it so you cannot say a bracha on two days.

Sefirats Haomer is in this time rabbinic. We dont have sfeika dyoma by a rabbinnic law.

Check the BAAL Hamoer at the end of meseches pesachim I believe. I will check the local Beis Medrash- But i Believe that he address this issue.

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