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Making Your Sefirah Count - Twice - The Resolution

Some Acharonim want to say that the definition of counting is COMPLETE CERTITUDE. One must KNOW what day it is and if one counts out of doubt they have not fulfilled their obligation. That is why there is no counting of two days mi-safek. It also follows according to this line of reasoning that if one counts in hebrew and doesn't understand what they are counting they have not fulfilled their obligation.

However the Baál HaMaor and Ran [who are earlier and more authoritative than the Achronim] give a different answer. They say that if we count out of doubt we will end up counting the last day on Shavuous - and that will cause people to treat Yom Tov lightly. Because if we are counting - it isn't Yom Tov. These Rishonim obviously don't accept the premise of the Acharonim. For a detailed treatment see Yabia Omer Vol. 8 Simman 45 and the many many sources quoted therein.

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