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I Have Assets Worth Millions Of Dollars!

Recently an extremely wealthy Jewish couple had a baby. Sadly the baby was born with only 3 fingers on one of it's hands. Which got me thinking. How much would the parents be willing to pay for those two missing fingers? Millions. So I looked at my fingers and said to them "Hey!! You guys are worth millions."

Food for thought.

Love and Blessings,

Ally Gates

ASHIR (rich) in hebrew is rashei teyvos:
Ayin, Shin, Yud, Reish-
Ayin stands for eynayim(eyes)
Shin stands for shenayim ( teeth)
Yud stands for Yadayim ( hands)
Reish stands for Raglayim ( Feet)
We are all Rich!!
I heard this from Rabbi Meir Goldvicht from Yeshiva University/Mesorah Kollel

One of my Rabbanim once gave a similar vort. He asked if we would be willing get give one of our limbs for a million dollars. Nobody wanted to. If so, he said, we must be millionaires to have all our limbs! He asked us if we would be willing to pay a million dollars if, chalila, a friend or family member were kidnapped for ransom. Everyone said of course. If so, he said, we all have several millions of dollars in assets!

I never heard that R' Chaim Yehoshua. Yashar koach.

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