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When Drawing Is Anything But Artistic

News item: Two peanuts were walking in the park recently. One of them was a-ssaulted.


One thing I love about the Torah is it's sensitivity to people's feelings. Everyone knows - if someone embarrass someone else it is akin to actually KILLING them. Why? Chazal explain because when the person is embarrassed the blood is drawn from his face and he becomes momentarily pale.

However according to that logic if someone WOUNDS someone else it should also be akin to killing them because in this instance blood is literally drawn from their body?

Rav Hutner Zatz"l offered a very enlightening explanation: When someone is embarrassed their essential humanity is undermined. In the terminology of Jewish philosophy it is a "pgiyah bétzem tzuras haódom shelo". That can be compared to killing them. So it is not only the drawing of the blood that is so pernicious but the harm done to the person's "tzuras haódom".

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