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Brachos Galore

A man comes home for work during the Sefirah period and asks his wife "What's for dinner tonight?" She replies, ever mindful of the halacha "Well, last night we had chicken".

That joke is about as old as Sefiras Haomer itself.

Anyway according to the Baál Halachos Gedolos [as understood by the Rosh] Sefiras Haomer is ONE mitzva. Problem is [I bet that you guessed that there would be a problem...] that we make 49 brachos. Since when do we make 49 brachos on ONE mitzva? How about I take my Tallis and make 27 brachas? My Arba Minim and make 38 brachos? You get the picture. It would be cool. We could fill our quota of a hundred brachos very quickly.

That question and much more is discussed in a shiur entitled "All For One And One For All" in the halacha section.

I also recently posted a shiur in that section about the obligation of women to daven. I come out strongly in favor...

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