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Belief #4: Turning Amen Into A Profound Religious Experience


If you are reading this chances are that you have said it tens of thousands of times. But what does it mean?

The world will experience three major revelations of G-d [what I like to call the "tri-podal revelatory experience". I made that phrase up. Sound good?] : 1] The creation of the world. 2] The giving of the Torah at Sinai. 3] The revelation of Hashem when Moshiach comes.

Amen [which is the root of the word Emunah] is composed of three words. The aleph is "kel" [the name of Hashem], the mem is "melech" [king] and the nun = neéman [faithful].

"Kel" is the name of Hashem which denotes kindness. ["Chesed kel kol hayom" says the pasuk.] Hashem created the world with kindness. "Olam chesed yibaneh". The aleph of amen reminds us of creation.

When Hashem gave the Torah he became our king. We must now follow his decrees. The mem reminds us of the giving of the Torah.

G-d promised that he would bring Moshiach and redeem us. He is neéman - faithful, to fulfill his promise. The nun reminds us of the coming of Moshiach.

So Amen with just three letters encompasses the 3 greatest revelations of G-d in world history.

Not a simple word.

So if our amens are said with the proper kavanna it can be a tremndous boon to our emunah. May Hashem give us the strength to focus on this all important word.


[Based on the Alei Shor page 287- 288]

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