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Dating Internationally

The International Date Line. When I first heard the term I thought that it was a phone number that you call in order to speak to shadchanim who will set you up with members of the opposite gender from all over the world.

Ba Dam Chhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! [Drum and cymbals sound]

There are many fascinating questions relating to the International Date Line and a vast corpus of literature on the topic. Most famous was the quandry of the Mirrer Yeshiva which was stuck in Shanghai during World War 2. What day is Yom Kippur? The Rabbis who were asked differed in their opinions so some students fasted for TWO days to avoid all doubt!!

There is also much discussion on the related topic of changing time zones. During sefiras haomer the question arises: What does one do if they are traveling from east to west and when they left it was the third night and when they arrived it was the second day. Should they count again? Rav Shlomo Zalman rules [Halichos Shlomo-Moadim Page 356] that one should count that night without a bracha and continue counting on night four with a bracha.

However if one travels from west to east on day three and when he arrived it was day four [but they missed the sunset of night four] on the fifth night he continues counting WITHOUT a bracha. He missed counting on night four and counting on day four
doesn't work in this instance. SEE THERE FOR AN EXPLANATION!

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