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Second Hand Spiritual Impurity

At my Shabbos table this week a wise guest told me the following story. A well known English musician died of lung cancer. The doctor said that this person had the lungs of a person who smoked two packs of cigarettes a day for many years. However the reality was that this person never smoked a day in his life. The reason his lungs were in such bad shape was because he had been playing music in smokey bars for 30 years.

Moral: If you hang out in smokey bars the noxious fumes are going to adversely affect you. And if we carry that principle over to the spiritual world we learn that if one is living in an environment that is antithetical to Torah values [or in the case of our culture - no values] it will have an effect.


Ally Ehrman!? Wow. Just stumbled on this blog because of the JIB awards... hi! Regards to the family! (If you can remember me!) :)

Remember you????? You are my cousin!! And a super duper one at that. Of course I remember you! Regards back to your GROWING family!!!!!!!!!

Thank you! :D

Every once in a while, I tell people that if they're going to the Old City, the best place to stop is my cousins the Ehrmans. I still miss it and you guys.

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