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I Don't Want To Be Reuvain!! - Now I Understand!

I was fortunate that the Almighty sent me to an explanation of the question that was presented in the last post, in Michtav M'eliyahu [Vol. 3 Pages 213-4].

1] Shimon gets Reuvain's mitzvos because of the suffering that Shimon underwent as a result of Reuvain's lashon hara. Suffering is a merit. Clearly the mitzvos that Reuvain has done increased the harm of the lashon hara that he spoke. The more important the person, the more likely people are to believe him. So Shimon suffered more as a result of Reuvain's mitzvos. And that is the reason that Reuvain is credited with those mitzvos that Reuvain has done which contributed to the damage done by the lashon hara.

2] Reuvain loses his mitzvos because they were utilized to inflict harm on Shimon. Had people not considered Reuvain righteous they would not believe the lashon hara that he spoke. A person who uses his mitzvos to hurt someone else, does not deserve those mitzvos.

3] Reuvain gets the sins that Shimon committed does not mean all of Shimon's sins but only that sin of which Shimon was accused. "Kol haposel b'moomo posel". - If Reuvain accused Shimon of wrongdoing it is a clear indication that Reuvain himself is afflicted with the same spiritual malady. Hence that sin is on his record as well.

That is in a nutshell the explanation of Rav Dessler which gives some baffling statements a rational explanation.

I am glad to hear that Rebbe now understands, for while these explantions are indeed rational and mathematically make sense, to me the entire equation doesn't compute. While this succeeds in its attempt to make the internal logic consistent, these little adjustments and tweaks just help this system cohere in its unexpected and surprising details; however, when compared with other systems (e.g., ש"ד,ע"ז, וג"ע) the whole scope of this system seems ludicrous. It's like saying a שומר חנם should be חייב where a שומר שכר is פטור; the קל וחומר may work logically but it's counter-intuitive. And what we have here goes a giant leap beyond that to make its impression in the supernal realms.

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