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Yitzi, The Chosson, is Gadol Hador. Rivki, The Kallah, Is The Greatest Jewish Woman Since Our Imahos

The halacha is that it is not permitted to excessively praise somebody because it will lead people to speak lashon hara about the person. ["Mr Magnanastein is a generous baál Tzedaka". Man whispers to his friend "Yeah, he might give a lot of tzedaka. But that is because he can afford it. He is a cheat in business! The money he is giving belongs to other people." "A pillar of our community..." "Yeah but he beats his wife". You get the picture.]

You have been to a sheva brachos. The Chosson and Kallah are very often praised in terms reminiscent of a eulogy. Praised is heaped upon them like snow on a building in Alaska. High and plentiful!

How is this permitted?

would it fall under the category of the concept of bet hillel's shita of saying "Kallah na'eh v'chasudah" (Ketubot 17a)? we generally say that we want to make the chatan happy that he has her, but i'm sure it can work both ways. the modernishe wedding invitations (including my own) says "im b'chirat libo" in parallel with "im b'chirat liba'ah". wishing you a happy yom haatzmaut! ~ shlomo

You are probably right but where did the chashash of it leading to lashon hara go?

You are modernishe????????????????

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