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I Am Pro-Choice [With A Thought On Independence On This Israeli Independence Day]

Sweetest friends!!

Help in the dissemination of Torah by voting in the Jewish blog awards. One of my good friends nominated alleyways as best Torah blog. I can't say that it is. But I think that you should vote for someone - people will hear about the blog and learn more Torah. So to CHOOSE your favorite blog go to

As far as the classical meaning of Pro-Choice - I am also in favor. I think that Jewish women should have the choice what to serve their husband and 18 children for dinner. And I applaud all of the courageous Jewish women out there who perform an act that men cannot perform no matter how hard we try - CHILDBIRTH. So next time you come into contact with a Jewish woman - give her the respect that she deserves.

A special thanks to my mother who shlepped me around for nine straight months without taking a break for even one second! Whatever she ate she shared with me. And since that fateful day of October 25, 1971 when I asserted my independence and made my grand entrance into this world - she has been trying to get me to eat more. With very modest success.

IIRC, you don't eat what most of us call "food"... :)

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