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Mysteriously Disappearing Shiurim - Where Is Sherlock When You Need Him

To my great dismay I realized that a number of audio shiurim can no longer be accessed. I don't understand why. I would relegate it to the category of "When Bad Things Happen To Good People", but I can't be sure that I am "good" or that what happened was "bad". So instead of philosophising I will fix the problem over the next few days bezras Hashem, making all of the shiurim accessible once again. I am so sorry for any inconvenience it might have caused you. Please tell me in the future if it happens again.

Thank You.

P.S. Those learning Pirkei Avos now might be interested in the two new Maharal shiurim [#14 and #15] that were recently posted in the Machshava section. Although the shiurim are numbered, each one can be listened to and understood without hearing the previous ones.

my better half can help you...

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