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Sweeter Than Honey!!!

When Hashem gave Moshe the two tablets the Torah uses the term "kichaloso" [See Shmos 31/18] which is related to the word "Kallah". Chazal read the psukim very carefully and were sensitive to the nuances in the text. They noticed this allusion to Kallah and derived a lesson that should be our guidepost for life. [It could also be that they had an oral tradition that this was what the pasuk is teaching us.] If one wants to teach Torah but it is not as sweet as a Kallah to her Chosson on their wedding day, it is better not to say it!!!


Torah MUST be sweet. That is why we daven every morning in the birchos hatorah "v'haarev na" - Lord, make the Torah sweet for us. Please. No other mitzva comes along with such a request.

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