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Manner Of Speech

There is a beautiful formulation in the Rambam [Hilchos Shekalim 1/9]. The Rambam says that when the Machatzis Hashekel [half shekel that every male must donate to the Beis Hamikdash] is collected, the collecters "tov'in b'nachas" - "demand pleasantly". We usually think that if we must "demand" something it can't be "pleasantly" and if we speak "pleasantly" it cannot be a "demand". But we see from the Rambam that sometimes, if necessary, we can demand pleasantly.

This is an important lesson for parents, teachers, employers, camp counselors etc. Sometimes we cannot just request ["I request that you stop beating up your little brother"]. We must demand. But the demanding can still be done pleasantly - and, may I add, with a smile. [Heard from the Tolna Rebbe Shlita]

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