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To Err Is Human, Not To Admit That You Have Done So Is Morally Reprehensible

Recently, I wrote about the importance of apologizing and admitting that you were wrong. Well here is my opportunity!

I am sorry. I was wrong!!!

I must correct what I wrote in the last paragraph of the previous post. It is clear that the mitzva is not just to remember that Miriam spoke lashon hara but also that she was punished for doing so. [A beautiful idea lost on many in the modern world. Sin has consequences.]

The question is, must one remember that she was punished WITH TZARAƁS [which is the simple meaning of the pasuk in Devarim 24/9] or is it sufficient to remember that she was punished, without remembering the specific punishment. This question is the subject of discussion in a fascinating book entitled "Shesh Zchiros", a tome devoted to the six events that we have a special mitzva to remember. These "Super Six" are printed in your siddur after Shachris. [Thank you to my new [old?] friend beisrunner for setting me straight on this issue.]

Do you know what I love about being alive? It is the opportunity to correct my mistakes. It makes me feel so gooood!

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