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Animal Rights - The Answer

The Imrei Emes answered that the pasuk in Bechukosai that implies that people eat first is talking about a case where the food available is FOOD MADE FOR HUMANS. It is forbidden to feed people food to animals, explains the Imrei Emes. However, in the event that the human will not be able to finish the food and it will spoil, it permitted to feed it to animals. So first eat it yourself and then you can feed the leftovers to your animal. "Hey Spot, have some of these pringles. They are DElicious. Betcha can't eat just one."

In Devarim the pasuk instructs us to feed our animals first where we have animal food on hand [in addition to human food].

I must point out that the Ohr Hachaim argues with the Imrei Emes and holds that human food [excluding meat] can be fed to animals. [See Darkei Tshuva Yoreh Deah Simman 60]

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