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Special Opportunity

Sweetest friends!!

If you ever studied at Yeshivat HaKotel/Netiv Aryeh chances are that you learned from HaRav Podolsky. You almost certainly know that he is now in Shomayim basking in G-d's glory.

But his SEVEN orphans aren't basking!

On the Netiv website you can find all of the information about contributing to the fund set up for his children. To date ONLY A SMALL SUM OF MONEY HAS BEEN DONATED! Hashem loves orphans. Hashem also has special love for those who help orphans. May Hashem take care of you and your family in the merit of your generosity.

I am not asking you to give. I am asking you to take. You will be receiving a lot more than you will be giving.

Love and Blessings


Which web site is it?

And what happened? If you do not mind me asking.


He died at 40 after suffering from cancer for about a year and half and left 7 young children.

Thank you for your concern.

Is Rav Bina donating money?

I don't know.

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