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Mostly Should Be Enough - Answer

Every little bit of shchita is considered shchita. However, in order to be considered a kosher shchita, a minimal shiur of the majority of two simmanim is required. Two simmanim is the complete shiur but the principle of "roobo kikoolo" allows us to suffice with a majority of two.

Hotzaá is different. We cannot say that Hotzaá has been done until the ENTIRE object is transferred to the second domain. Moving part of the object is not called a "semi-hotzaá." It is meaningless until everything is transferred. Here the shiur DEFINES the melacha. Until the whole shiur is reached nothing has been done.

In the shchita case, we say that shchita has been done from the very first cut. A KOSHER shchita is not accomplished until most of the two simmanim are cut. But unlike hotzaá, we can talk about shchita even before the requisite shiur is reached. That is why most of the two simmanim are enough.

[Rav Scheinberg and "Not So Old And Always Wise" in the comments section.]


Another thought occurred to me over Shabbos( yes I do think about your questions).

Hotzaah being a melacha and if done a aveirah m'd'oraiitah , just as all melachot of Shabbos, has exact requirements to be considered an aveirah, and one of them is that it has to be done completely.

when it comes to aveirot Hashem gives us all the chances NOT to do them, we really have to be COMPLETELY wrong for it to be considered an aveirah. He is not trying to trip us;>), whereas on mitzvot sometimes even just the intention to do them is good enough.

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