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Jewish Math

After writing the post about "Crastinating" I was reminded of the following story which I heard from the Rebbe Shlita.

The Imrei Emes (son of the Sfas Emes and leader of the Gerrer Chassidim from 1905 until 1948) once arranged to meet with another Rebbe at a certain time. The other Rebbe arrived FIVE minutes late. The Imrei Emes, who had been waiting with a number of Chassidim, was displeased ["makpid" in the vernacular]. "You wasted an hour of our time!"

"What do you mean?! I was only five minutes late!"

"Yes, but there are 12 of us waiting for you. 12 times 5 is 60. A complete hour!"

Which got me thinking.

If one speaks loshon hara to a group of 12 people, it is considered 12 seperate pieces of loshon hara. If the loshon hara is about a group - then multiply the number of people listening by the number of people spoken about - OUCH!

On the positive side - if one teaches an hour of Torah to ten people it was really ten hours of Torah. BIG STUFF!

That is the "Coach HaRabbim" the power of many people. [No relation to Coach Harabbim (pronounced with a guttural "H" and an Arabic accent) who is a Muslim volleyball coach at the University Of Iowa. I made that up.]

We can influence the masses. Let's do it!!

Read Spam Equals Murder. It's an analysis of widespread massive time theft.

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