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A Blessed Day Is Near

In our shmoneh esrei we say "baruch atah Hashem BONEH Yerushalayim" - Blessed are you Hashem who IS BUILDING Yerushalayim [present tense]. It would have been more appropriate to say "yivne Yerushalayim" [future tense]. Yerushalayim will be built in the future?!

The commentaries explain that in fact Yerushalayim is in a constant process of being built. Every prayer is a stone, every act of care displayed towards a fellow Jew is another brick. Soon, please G-d, we are going to have the whole thing!! Jewish dominion over Yerushalayim is one significant step in this process.

The "Lev Chaim" [Vol.2 Simman 42] says that when Moshiach comes we will make 5 blessings upon seeing him. Here they are [preceded of course by "Baruch atah ... haolam"]:

1] Go'al Yisrael.

2] Shehechianu V'kiyimanu etc.

3] Shecholak Michachmaso Liraiav.

4] Shecholak Mikvodo Liraiav.

5] Chochom Harozim. [Bracha said upon seeing 600,000 Jews]

To paraphrase a line from a popular movie in the 1990's: Wish for him and he will come!!

another way to help rebuild--come to my wedding!!! kol hamesameach chattan v'kallah k'ilu boneh mechurvot yerushalayim! (sorry, i can't type in hebrew, and i probably got the quote wrong, but that's the gist of it).

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