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Implied Or Explicit

Have you seen my socks?

When I saw the following question I jumped out of my socks!! I don't have an answer.

The Mishna Brura [489/33] says that if one forgets to count the Omer at night he can still count during the next day [without a bracha].

The Shaar Hatzioon [also written by the Chofetz Chaim, no. 43] tells us that this halacha can be INFERRED from the Rambam. The Rambam rules [Tmidim Umusafim Ch. 7] that if one reaps the Omer offering during the day it is kosher. So, says the the Shaar Hatzioon, since the Torah relates the counting of the Omer to the cutting of the Omer, if the cutting can be done during the day, it makes sense that the counting can also be done during the day.


The problem is that the Rambam writes EXPLICITLY [Ch. 7 Halacha 23] that the Omer can be counted during the day. So why does the Chofetz Chaim have to INFER this halacha from the Rambam if he says it explicity?! [The question is asked in Aliyos Moshe, Page 136]

The mitzvah is to cut at night, IF cuts by day then it's OK, but it's not the ideal mitzvah.
Perhaps the Chifetz Chayim felt that the counting should only be according to the actual mitzvah, which is by night, but out of respect to the Rambam and the fact that it is after all OK to cut during the day( although not ideal), he compromises and codes that one can count during the day, albeit without the bracha.

It seems to me that the MB is saying I infer from the Rambam versus inferring from other Rishonim which disagree with the Rambam( see MB)

Why does he mention the cutting at all. The Rambam writes that one can count during the day [bdieved]. That is all we need to know.

Am not clear on your second question. It seems that the Rambam states that the counting is directly related to the cutting. Just as the cutting is to be done in the night melekatchilah, so too the counting, and just as the cuiitng is OK bedieved in the day, so is the counting.

According to the MB some Rishonim disagree and feel OK only during the night, so maybe he is swaying that I will vote for the Rambam rather than the other Rishonim.

Please excuse me if I am repeating myself on something you already understoof( see the "old" part of my name, makes me do it;>))

Dear Wise

The Rambam DOES NOT CONNECT the issue of cutting during the day to the mitzva of counting during the day. He just says that it is muttar to count during the day [Tmiddim Umusafim 7/7]. The Mishna Brura connects between the two halachos.

My point is that it is not necessary to do so , because if the MB wants to pasken like the Rambam [which he does] he has an explicit Rambam [7/23]who says that one can count during the day.

Shavua Tov!

P.S. Excuse me for asking, but where do you live?

The maaseh Rokeach states that apparently we learn that its ok to count by day,(Rambam -Temidim umusafim 8:23) from the mishna in Minchot 71, which states that the mitzvah is to cut at night, but if by day OK.
The Gemara there 66, also says that we connect the counting to the cutting.
I live in the West Coast of the US and absolutley love this blog!

Wow!! The blog travels 9,000 miles. And so quickly! I don't know about you but I still can't get over the wonders of modern technology.

Anyway thank you for your kind words and I hope that I continue to benefit from your wisdom.

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