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The Best Things In Life Are Free: G-d, Love .... And Torah

New Audio Shiurim:

1] Tolna Rebbe on how a Jew eats [and why people die young] - Positively enlightening. First shiur in the machshava section.

2] "Stranger" - How to feel close to Torah. Machshava section beneath the eulogy of Rav Podolsky.

3] "Shalom Shalom" - Rashi says that saying "Shalom" and greeting others is a bad thing. This seems to fly in the face of what we all know that saying shalom is a great thing! Find out what Rashi means. Right next to "Stranger" in the machshava section.

4] Smoking Mountain: Understanding the three realms of kedusha, what is the relationship between mount sinai and shmitta etc. Parsha section - Parshas Behar.

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