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Dry Bread Can Be Delicious!!!

"Better a piece of dry bread with peace in it than a quarrellous house filled with meat." [Mishlei 17/1]

So many people spend 10,12,14 hours a day ensuring that there will be meat in the home but don't have a few minutes to ensure that the house will be filled with peace, serenity and warmth.

My advice:

1] Get rid of the T.V.

2] Don't bring newspapers into the home [if you need to know what is going on in the world you can listen to the radio for a few minutes a day. "You give us 22 minutes, we'll give you the world"].

3] Try to get a job that has normal hours. Even if the pay is not tops.

Now what are you going to do? Spend time with other family members!! I never met a person who said "I love my dad, he is always up on current events". "I have a great mom, she never misses an episode of ..." "My husband is terrific, whenever I want to speak to him he is reading the sports section".

Spouses and kids need time. Not only quality time but quantity time!!

All of the money in the world will not make a person happy if his family life is dysfunctional.


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