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Eulogy for Rav Podolsky

A eulogy for Rav Podolsky was given tonight in the yeshiva. It is the first shiur in the machshava section after the list of the Rebbe's shiurim. I humbly recommend it.

It's downstairs neighbor in the machshava section was also just posted. It is entitled "Raw Desire" and is based on the Sfas Emes in Parshas Emor.

Also if you go to hubscubs.blogspot.com you can read a post about Rav Podolsky along with a fine story about the meaning of suffering from my friend R' Shlomo Hubscher.

Interestingly enough only about five or ten minutes before I learned of the passing of Rav Podolsky I posted the piece about dealing with suffering. After I heard the sad news I once again became aware of the age old truth: It is much easier to deal with suffering when you are not! The real test comes when suffering becomes a reality in your life. That was the difference between the writing of the post [when I was doing just dandy] and a few minutes later. Hashem should give you, me and all of us the energy to continue living b'simcha, no matter what happens! But He should make it easier by loading on the simchas. A good friend asked me how the funeral was. I assured him that his wedding was much more fun.

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