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Torah Is Poison


Hey, I didn't say it. The Gemara said it [Taánis 7a]. If one learns Torah for the wrong reasons [e.g. to make someone else look foolish] it is poison.

If one learns Torah for the right reasons [e.g. to cling to the Creator, to fulfill His will] it is an elixir of life. There is NOTHING better. Nothing.

Torah study is like medication. If you follow the doctors orders it will bring healing. But if one ignores the doctor's orders it can kill him chas v'shalom. [See Maharsha in Taánis 7a].

Funny thing - i have never heard the word elixir used except in the context of fantasy gaming and, להבדיל, when people quote גמרות like this one.

On that note: does anyone have the Flaming Ice-Enchanted Gargantuan Sword of Heavenly Miraculous Thunderclap Destruction? I'll trade you for health and smoke potions...

What is fantasy gaming????????????????????

Your second paragraph left me completely befuddled.

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