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Holiday Activities

In this weeks parsha we read "Moshe told to the Jewish People about Hashem's holidays." [Vayikra 23,44]. [Although, if you attend an Orthodox synagogue it will probably be read in Hebrew.]

The gemara derives from this pasuk that we must learn the laws of every holiday on that holiday [Megilla 4a]. Elsewhere the gemara teaches us that we must learn the laws of the holiday 30 days before the beginning of the holiday [but not on the holiday itself]. So which one is it? On the holiday itself or 30 days before?

Rav Yitzchak Hutner Ztz"l [Sefer Zikaron printed in his memory, page 349] explains that there are two different types of learning. There is learning as "mishpat" - learning in order to know what to do. There is another type of learning - learning as "chok". Learning for the sake of learning.

30 days before the holiday there is a mitzva to learn in order to know how to follow the laws pertaining to the holiday.

However, on the holiday itself we learn as "chok" - to engrave ["lachkok"] the light of Torah that relates to the kedusha of that particular holiday on our hearts. This type of learning has it's own form and timetable. It can only be done on the holiday itself.

"How was your chag?" people ask each other. If we want to be able to answer -"uplifting, inspiring and elevating" there is no other recourse other than to learn the masechta and halachos relating to that holiday. The goal of any holiday is to be a greater person at the end of the holiday than we were at the beginning. HOLIDAYS ARE NOT JUST ABOUT FOOD. Food is terrific. Sometimes, it even tastes good! But a Jewish holiday is also a singular opportunity to reach spiritual heights otherwise unattainable.

For that we need Torah. Holiday Torah.

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