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Frozen Kallah - No. Frozen Challah - Yes

One of my favorite marriage tips is that one should look for a kallah who is a warm person.

What about your challah. Is it O.K. for your challah to be cold? Why not?! Of course it is fine. But what about a FROZEN challah. We must have two challahs for each of the two Shabbos meals ["lechem mishna"]. Is it permitted to use frozen challahs right out of the freezer? They are not edible!

Also, the halacha is that frozen meat is muktza on Shabbos. So maybe frozen challah is muktza, too.

Answer [in Haitian]: No muktza mon. Can use for lechem mishna mon. [Indeed, I add, we eat the lechem mishna in memory of the mon.] No problem. [See Tzitz Eliezer Vol. 14 Simman 40. Full disclosure - I am in LOVE with the Tzitz Eliezer. My wife knows and has been very accepting.]

Good Shabbos my beloved friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i actually came across an interesting makhloket rashi-tosfot yesterday in daf yomi (chagigah 26)of the miracle of the lechem hapanim.

i know it's not man, but it was put up and taken down on shabbat and it is, after all, bread, so bear with me.

apparently, the gemara tells us that there was a nes that the bread was removed from the shulchan just like it was placed 7 days later!! rashi tells us that just as it was placed hot, it was removed hot. tosefot, however, takes issue with that interpretation and points out that it was baked on erev Shabbat and only placed on the shulchan on Shabbat, so it probably wasn't warm anymore. the miracle was that it was removed in the same state as it was placed, but not beyond that (i.e to still be hot several hours later).

so, tosefot's opinon on the miracle? that it remained fresh for the whole week. i think that was pretty impressive too, consdiering no preservatives. well, hot or fresh, it wasn't frozen. so why is it OK?

Reb Elchonon,

Two Lechem Mishna questions-

1. Can the 2nd challah be in a bag (and you manage to put your 10 fingers on the one you plan to eat)?

2. Where did the Minhag come from to say "Bershus"? It seems to me that a man in his home shouldn't need to ask that (not to sound chauvinistic) and even when guests are around- I don't have to ask their permission. I don't believe its a listen up- i.e. Savri type of deal. So is it only appropriatte when a guset makes hamotzi in someone else's home?

Eytan Pinchas Feldman

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