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Hilchos Slicing

Many people have the custom to slice off the end of the challah and avoid eating it. Rav Chaim Knievsky Shlita who is undoubtedly one of the most knowledgable Jews on earth offers the following source for this custom:

Yes, indeed. There is none! In his father's home [The Steipler Gaon] the end of the challah was eaten, and he was a VERY religious man.

However there is an authoritative source for the slicing of the foreskin off a baby boy.

What about "Kasha Le'Shichicha"?

Last year I saw Rav Sheinberg shlita cut off the end of his challah roll- which surprised me that he felt that something round had an end.


And it doesn't surprise you that Rav Schienberg is well into his 90's and still has the koach to fly to America!!!!!!! Yamim al yemei melech tosif!

[R' Chaim holds that it is not kashe l'shichicha. V'ha raaya - he does it and never forgets anything!]

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