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When The Torah Is Lifted It Is aBOWt Time

When the sefer Torah is raised ["hagbah"] the halacha is that we are supposed to see the letters on the Torah and BOW DOWN [134/2]. The latter is generally not done.

The Holy Klausenberger Rebbe ztz"l [Divrei Yatziv 1/66] suggests that maybe bowing must only be done on Simchas Torah when a special hagba is done with the Torah facing the congregation [as opposed to a regular hagba where the Torah faces the Magbia]. Alternatively, maybe we don't bow down anymore because the Gemara says that we are not experts in "chaseiros and yeseiros" [such as extra or missing vav's and yud's]. Therefore we don't want to bow down before a possibly invalid Torah.

Bottom line: Bow!! [See Har Tzvi from Rav Tzvi Pesach Frank 1/64].



Elchanan Ben Henna Miriam

What's the deal with pointing my pinky at the תורה?

See "Minhag Yisrael Torah" P. 211- 212.

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