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Save A Rabbi From A Holy Roaring Lion

The Gemara teaches us that even though normally one is not allowed to wear shatnez, that rule is suspended in the case of tzitzis. The mitzva of tzitzis overrides the prohibition of shatnez [עשה דוחה לא תעשה]. What about nighttime? At night we are exempt from the mitzva of tziztis. Would it be permitted to wear tzitzis that contains shatnez at night? The Raavad maintains that it is forbidden. There is no mitzva presently in force to override the prohibition. Rabbeinu Tam argues and says that it is nevertheless permitted.

The Shaágas Aryeh [simman 30] roared as follows against the Raavad: You [the Raavad] rule that a Kohein is allowed to wear the priestly garments [which contain shatnez] even when NOT performing the priestly duties.

Uh oh!

There is no mitzva presently in force to override the prohibition of shatnez. Yet you still permit the kohein to wear shatnez. Why is that any different from tzitzis at night which you forbid?

Please save the Raavad.

Perhaps the Raavad holds like the Rosh (not surprisingly against the Rambam) who I think says that an item of clothing that is designated for day needs to be worn with tzitis even when worn at night. (We are maykil with the beracha because of safe brachos.)

So maybe there is some sort of chiyuv at night for a daytime garment that is enough to doche the shaatnez.

(BTW, I went to Kotel 9 years ago. Just found your blog and love it)

Shalom Aviel!!

I also went to Hakotel 9 years ago!!
So we were classmates. What do you do today?

Anyway, the shittah of the Raavad is that if there is no chiyuv tzitzis, then one is not permitted to wear shatnez [See his gloss to Rambam Hil. Tzitzis 3/9].

Whereas with respect to the bigdei kehunah he holds that the kohein can wear shatnez even WITHOUT the chiyuv mitzva of wearing begadim during the Avodah.

Welcome aboard and Hatzlacha Bakol!!

Oops, I had the opinions backwards. As far as I understood, a Kohen can wear the bigdei kehuna during the day, with the exception of the avnet because of the shatnez. Perhaps the Raavad was talking about the other garments.

You would recognize me. I used to talk to you in the library sometimes and I went to your weekly halacha shiur.

Perhaps Tzitzit is something that is definitely not required at night and no circumstance will make it required at night, whereas the Cohen may need to perform an unexpected priestly duty, which may require his specific clothing.Kind of an on call situation, which will then permit the shatnez.

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