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Transforming Your Car Into A Mitzva-Mobile

When I first came to yeshiva almost two decades ago, I was lucky enough to have a very special Rebbe named Rav Chaim Flom. He had a very unique mitzva which he performed with great frequency. He would stop his car at bus stops and ask if he could give anyone a ride. Many years ago he estimated that he has given over TEN THOUSAND people a ride in his car. [Today I would guess that he is well above thirty thousand.]

Rabbi Flom is not a cab driver. He is a Jew who wants to help others. Today I was reminded of him. I was walking while laden with packages in the sweltering heat and I was thinking to myself: "I got a long way to go....." Then a man [who recognized me from Tolna] stopped and offered me a ride. MESSIAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! The whole ride was two minutes but boy did it help!

So next time you are driving and have room in your car - stop and offer a someone a ride. YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO OUT OF YOUR WAY FOR THEM. You can drop them off on your way, bringing them closer to their destination.

If you are worried about terrorists disguised as Jews - give them a quick quiz. Say something like "lecha dodi.." and if they finish it off they are Jewish. But sometimes they are so obviously Jewish [e.g. woman in tichel in religious neighborhood accompanied by three little children with peyos], that there is nothing to fear.

Try it. I think you will like it.

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