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How Are Jewish Hands Akin To Plants? They Both Need To Be Watered

Yesterday someone asked me a very interesting question. We know that there cannot be an chatzitza [interposition] on one's hand when he washes Netilas Yadaim. What about a splinter?

Answer: If it protrudes from the skin then it is a chatzitza. If it is embedded in the skin then it is not a chatzitza. [But it is not very pleasant.]

While we are on the topic: If a fingernail is mostly detached then it is not a chatzitza. But if it is partially detached [but mostly connected], then it is.

Cream: If it is a thick cream it is a chatzitza. A liquidy cream is not.

Rings: If a woman removes her ring when she does her work then it must be removed for netilas yadaim. But if she keeps it on all the time then it need not be removed.

The bracha of al netilas yadaim should be made BEFORE the drying of the hands.

There is no mitzva to shpritz the person standing next to you with the water on your hands.

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