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Save A Rabbi From A Holy Roaring Lion - Answer

Rav Elchonon Wasserman explained the Raavad as follows [Kovetz Hayaros 40]: It is impossible to wear the priestly garments without wearing shatnez. The avnet is made from shatnez and there is no way around it. We can therefore posit, that the wearing of shatnez is not merely overridden [is that a word? If it wasn't, it is now. Welcome to the english language "overridden"!] by the mitzva of wearing the priestly garments but becomes completely permitted [in Talmudic terminology the issur of shatnez in this case is not just "dchuyah" but rather "hutrah"]. That is why the bigdei kehunah can be worn even when the kohein is "off duty".

Tzitzis CAN theoretically be worn without shatnez. Therefore, when the Torah permitted us to wear tzitzis with shatnez, it was done with some reservation ["dchuyah"]. This means that only when a mitzva is actually being fullfilled can one wear tzitzis with shatnez. But at night when there is no mitzva, it is forbidden.

dear Rebbe,
overridden is, in fact, already a word in the english language. :)

Thanks a trillion!

Good Shabbos to you and yours!!!

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