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If The Succah Needs A Mezuza, It Isn't A Succah?! - Answer

I once borrrowed my Rebbe's copy of the Kaba D'Kashyasa and saw that he wrote the following answer: What defines a succah as a temporary dwelling is the schach. That is why it may have solid permanent metal walls. The schach cannot be susceptible to tumah.

As far as the laws of mezuza [and tzaraas] are concerned the WALLS are the determining factor. If the walls are permanent then one must place a mezuza and the house would be susceptible to tumas tzaraas.

That is how you can have a kosher succah that is obligated in mezuza and susceptible to tumah. Temporary, not susceptible to tumah schach, coupled with permanent walls.

The Rebbe Shlita concluded his short note with the word "U'pashut".

The advantage of not being known is that one can ask not so smart questions;>)
I am not quite clear on the answer and ask for clarification. Am I understanding correctly that the schach is what etermines the succah and therefore even if the walls of the indoor succah develop tzaraas the succah is still kosher?
Thanks for explaining

Indeed. The schach it what determines THE TEMPORARY NATURE of the succah [diras arai]. So even if the wall develops tzaraas the succah remains kosher i.e. a temporary dwelling [in spite of the fact that tzaraas can only afflict a permanent dwelling].

Have a great day!

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