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Jewish Geography

The Wailing Wall. The Western Wall. The Kotel Hamaaravi. The Koisel. Call it what you want, but one thing is for sure - Jews have been praying there for many, many years, while hoping that one day soon they will be able to serve Hashem in the Beis Hamikdash.

Where was the Beis Hamikdash? Right where the Temple was. In the exact same spot! Yes, but where was that? I will be Jewish and answer a question with a question. Why is this information important? Answer: Because when we daven at the Wall we must face the place where the Beis Hamikdash once stood.

This is where it gets complicated. Some people hold that the Mikdash stood where the Al-Aksa mosque currently stands. According to this opinion we must angle ourselves to the left when we daven. However others maintain that the Mikdash was in between the Al-Aksa mosque [on the left] and the other mosque [on the right. For lack of a better name I'll call it "Achmad Jihad"]. According to this opinion we should face forward when davening.

The Tshuvos V'hanhagos [Vol. 3 Simman 39] prefers the latter understanding.

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Segula - 40 days at the Kotel

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