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Just When You Thought That Eating Cheese Cake Was A Simple Matter

Shavuous is coming up!! That means that a "delicious" question presents itself: What bracha do we make on cheese cake?

Answer: It depends.

If it there is no crust and the flour in the cake is only there to keep it together ["lidabek"] then the bracha is shehakol. [Of course the same would apply if it was baked without any flour.]

If there is a very thin crust then the bracha is also shehakol.

If the cake was baked with a significant amount of flour then one makes a mezonos.

If there is a large crust that was baked together with the cheesy filling then one makes a mezonos.

If the crust and filling were baked seperately and then combined one makes a mezonos, eats a little bit of the crust, followed by a shehakol and consumption of some of the cheese filling.[Based on Piskei Tshuvos Page 818 and Vzos Habracha Page 250 in my edition.]

When in doubt you can take a cookie and make a mezonos [don't forget to eat it]. Then, have a glass of milk preceded by a shehakol. Now you can enjoy the cheese cake in good conscience. If you are overweight, have in mind to transfer the extra poundage to yours truly. I am told by my mother that I need it.

Conclusion: Eating cheese cake requires vast halachic and culinary knowledge.

It goes without saying- just keep thinking of the cheesecake when making the brocha on the cookie and the milk;>)

Conclusion: ה ירחם עם עמוסים!

Wise - On the money as always.

Will - You couldn't see me laughing when I read your comment, but I was.

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