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I love language.

For me, English is a second language [that explains my faulty grammer]. My first language was baby talk. I loved it! "Ga Ga" had a multiplicity of connotations. So simple to say and yet so rich with meaning.

What I love most about language is the liberty I take in making up new words. My high school English teacher would often scold me for various offenses [she was right] but I no longer have to worry about what she will think of me. For one, I am no longer in high school. Secondly - she is dead.

This is what I worked out with a friend: A person should not procrastinate [defer action]. But one should also not antecrastinate [take action too early]. Rather one should crastinate [take action in the proper time].

It takes a lot of wisdom to know how to be a successful crastinater. When to get married, when to speak to somebody about a sensitive issue, when to move residences etc. etc.

Chazal say that Bat-Sheva really was destined to be with King David - he just jumped the gun. Adam really was supposed to eat from the tree of knowledge! However he was meant to wait until Shabbos and he ate on Friday. Examples abound.

That is the meaning of the traditional Jewish blessing "Bsha'a Tovah" - everything at the right time.

Think about how this applies to your life.

It does.

I too enjoy making up words.

But I think you mean antecrastinate or precrastinate. To anticastrinate is to be opposed to crastinating.

Thank you as always. I will change it in the text.

You don't have to make up words. You know so many real ones.

Hehe. I never used to know what bracha to give people (and always felt weird giving them anyway) at simchas, so I'd say "may all the other ones you received be answered at the right time and for the best". :)

i'm a hardcore yekki. i have a certain obsession with being on time. and my german garndmother constantly admonishes that early isn't on time either.

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