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The purpose of Galus is to spread us out among the Gentiles who remind us [not always so pleasantly] that we are different. It is not enough anymore for us to feel Jewish by having our own land, now we must feel Jewish by keeping Mitzvos and seeking out other Jews and building communities. [Rav Kook - Ayn Ayah, Shabbos Vol. 2 Page 2.]

So those who still live outside of the Holy Land must remember that they have important work to do until they are lucky enough to return home. Many people aren't aware of this task and choose to mimic the surrounding culture. We must constantly remind ourself that we are different and be proud of it!

I agree with that. I am always trying to meet other Jews, with little luck, but I won't stop looking.

One day, we will be in the LAND OF MILK AND HONEY


Where do you live?

I live in a small city, dominated with churchs, in Southern Califorina. I have meet no other Jews.

unfortunately, i know of many frum jews, who though they keep the mitzvot and every halacha in the shulchan aruch, still have been affected by their surroundings to the point that they in many ways do imitate the goyim, and see nothing wrong with it. and that's even tougher than when one has no connection- because in this case you think it's perfectly ok, and you know enough torah to look for excuses for everything iffy.

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