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Sneak Preview

You are invited. Netiv Aryeh, Shavuos night, 2:30 AM. A shiur that I am presently preparing will be delivered. Can't make it? I am really sorry. So here is a sneak preview.

The Gemara in Rosh HaShana [16b, today someone told me that he thought that this was merely a Chassidic custom. No sir!] says that a person is OBLIGATED to see his Rebbe on Yom Tov ["lihakbil p'nei Rabbo biregel"]. Many hold that this applies even in our day and age. Many say that women are obligated as well.

Bottom line: Great thing to do! I, im yirtze Hashem, am planning to go all the way to Tolna to fulfill this important [some say Biblical] mitzva. Fortunately for me, Tolna has been transplanted from the Ukraine to the Lower East Side and now to the Bucharim section of Jerusalem.

[For a comprehensive survey of this toic, see Encyclopedia Talmudit, erech Kavod Rabbo, Os Heh.]

If you don't have a Rebbe - then the best advice in the world that I can offer you is to find one! It doesn't matter if he is Chassidic, Litvish, Black Hat, Y.U. grad etc. But he must be a loving, caring G-d fearing Talmid Chacham!

Chag Sameach Beloved Friends!!!

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  • I'm Rabbi Ally Ehrman
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