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Over 127 Million Reasons To Be Thankful

Something to think about in the morning when you say the bracha "Pokeach Ivrim" - You open up the eyes of the blind.

"Our eye contains about SEVEN MILLION cone-shaped color sensors, bringing us gleaming detail over a huge range of of lighting conditions. Whenever there is insufficient light for accurate color vision, the cone-shaped sensors deactivate themselves and about 120 MILLION rod-shaped, ultra-sensitive black-and-white sensors switch on. Another computer in our optic nerve accepts the signals from these 127 MILLION sensors, recodes them into more compact signals, and shoots the FEW HUNDRED THOUSAND nerve fibers leading to our brain at about a BILLION impulses per second. While all this is going on: the pupil is monitering and maintaining a consistent illumination level within our eye; a stereo focusing system is adjusting focal lengthsfor maximum image sharpness; and a sophisticated image-enhancer is clarifying tiny blurs in our vision caused by motion and/or darkness." [Permission To Believe, Page 48]

If someone were to ask me for a proof that G-d exists I would answer "Eye eye eye." [In a sing-song.]

Tonight a good friend revealed to me that he has been diagnosed with an eye disease called glaucoma. Please daven for him: Aryeh Leib ben Chenya [the "Ch" pronounced like Chaim].

almost 1 year ago, i got my eyes lasered. a week later, when everything healed and adjusted, i was was able to open my eyes in the morning and see perfectly, something that had not happened since i was 4 years old (the operation was a gift from my parents for my 19th birthday). Until then, i was inches away from being considered legally blind, and i had an astigmatism as well. without glasses, i could not discern detail, such as a person's face. most people don't appreciate the bracha of being able to see clearly right when they open their eyes in the morning. i say the bracha of pokeach ivrim with alot more kavannah now. i also try to remember to thank hashem daily for allowing man to uncover the scientific solution to this problem as well as many others.we should daven that hashem allow to discover the cures to other diseases and conditions that scientists are as yet still searching for. So if you wear glasses, thank hashem that you are not blind;if you don't, thank hashem that your eyes work on their own;and everyone should thank hashem for their good health!
i will take this moment to ask for tefillot for my stepfather, who is unfortunately not so healthy- barak reuven ben sarah

fo rthose of us who read k'firus... the eye is one of the main arguments that Darwin himself claims as a difficulty with his thoery of evolution. chapter 6: Difficulties on Theory section: Organs of Extreme Perfection.
Note that in this section Darwin does acknowledge a "Creator" (yes, capitalized) and "a power always intently watching..."
in my humble opinion... sounds like god to me?

Dear Morah!

I am so glad that you can see well again! May you always see the good in every person and every situation!

Daer Amichai!

Your BRAIN is an organ of extreme perfection.

Also the way you understand him Darwin is no longer kfirah!

Keep catching terrorists!!!!!!!!!!!

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