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Love #1

If someone would ask me to sum up the goal of the Torah in one word I would say - LOVE.

We must love G-d. I receive phone calls from young ladies [or their representatives] inquiring about boys who attended the Yeshiva. They about his character, learning, future plans etc. But I am never asked if he loves G-d. I don't think that the reason is that love of G-d is not quantifiable, because questions are asked about other areas of life that are similarly not quantifiable. The reason is that love of G-d is off the map. It is almost never discussed, analyzed or focused upon. It is for the perfectly righteous. Like fasting behab or dipping in the Mikve 310 times.

Not so!! It is an obligation that applies to each and every one of us!!! We say it at least three times a day. "Váhavta es Hashem Elokecha."

Let's try to work on it. For some pointers I would recommend the "Chovos Halevavos" in the "Gate Of Loving G-d".

In our next "Love" post we will talk about other types of love.

I would say the goal is either Kiddush Hashem or establishing worldwide monotheism.

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