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The Philosophical Implications Of Putting On Your Pants In The Morning

In this parsha we learn that a person who sins unintentionally is obligated to bring a korban. The question is, why is such a person guilty? The sin was done unintentionally, unwittingly, accidentally and by mistake!! Cut the poor guy some slack!!

When was the last time you left the house without your pants on? [Please forgive me for asking such a personal question.]



Oh, you are female. You wear a skirt. A long, modest skirt. You don't wear pants. G-d bless you!!!

O.K., Males, what about you? Do you ever leave the house wearing a skirt, or in your boxers? Never, right?! Why not?

Have you ever "accidentally" drank liquid laundry detergent instead of your morning orange juice? No. Why not?

Have you ever mistakenly, without thinking, deposited food in your nostrils [very close to your mouth are they] instead of the usual place. No way, Jose!

The reason is of course, that certain actions go so much against our natural instincts that it is simply inconceivable that we should err in those areas.

Sin should be similarly inconceivable. We must be instinctively distant from sin. When we do sin, albeit unintentionally, there is still some degree of guilt. Hence the Korban.

Good Shabbos My Sweetest Friends

Love and Blessings from the ancient, holy, City of Jerusalem

Elchanan ben Henna Miriam

one of my rabbanim made the point (in regards to shabbos specifically) about why beshogeg is still punished. there are 2 ways to make a mistake on shabbos: 1)you were unaware that today was shabbos 2)you were unaware that the act was forbidden on shabbos. with regards to 1), my rav said "no one in this room would dare forget their mother's birthday if it were today- so how dare one forget today was shabbos!"
and to way #2 "if i told you that the light switch would set off an atomic bomb blowing up half the world, you sure as heck would not make the mistake of touching it. how dare one make that same mistake on shabbos, setting off the "bomb" of an aveira!"

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